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OSS Journal

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OSS Journal

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OSS Journal

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OSS Journal

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Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal Act

Click here to watch passage of the OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act (11/30/2016)

Click here to read press release: "CCAC Recommends New Designs for OSS Congressional Gold Medals"

Click here to read press release: "OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act Passed By Congress"

Click here to read "Bill honoring World War II’s intelligence operatives finally passes in Congress" from The Washington Post

Click here to read "Heroic clandestine warriors of the OSS finally get Congressional Gold Medal after 70 year wait" from The Washington Times

Click here to read the text of the Office of Strategic Services Congressional Gold Medal Act (H.R. 3929)

Click here to view information about the OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act (including cosponsors)

Click here to view the CNN story "Will Congress finally honor secret warriors of WWII?"

Click here to read press release: "The OSS Society Urges House Leadership to Honor the 'Greatest Generation'"

Click here to read press release: "Sen. Bob Dole Issues Veterans Day Appeal for House Leaders to Pass the OSS Congressional Gold Medal Act"

Click here to read an op-ed by Sen. Bob Dole: "Honoring surviving OSS members must be a priority for lame-duck Congress"

Click here to read a letter from HPSCI Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes and Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff

Please credit The OSS Society for the use of these photographs. Click on images to enlarge them.

Images left to right

  • Images 1-4: 801st/492nd Bombardment Group ("Carpetbaggers")
  • Image 5: OSS Greek Operational Group
  • Image 6: OSS operational swimmers with the Duke of Windsor in the Bahamas
  • Image 7: Gen. William J. Donovan
  • Image 8: OSS founder General William Donovan with members of the OSS Operational Groups, forerunners of US Army Special Forces, which was taken at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md., which served as an OSS training facility.
  • Image 9: "Donovan's Devils" - Italian Operational Group
  • Image 10: A member of the OSS Maritime Unit, predecessor to the US Navy SEALs
  • Image 11: B-24 flown by the "Carpetbaggers," the air arm of the OSS
  • Image 12: Col. David Bruce (far left) with Ernest Hemingway whose son, John Hemingway, served in the OSS.
  • Image 13: Col. Peter Ortiz, USMC, the most highly decorated member of the OSS
  • Image 14: Hollywood actor Sterling Hayden, who starred in the "The Godfather" and "Dr. Strangelove," earned a Silver Star serving as a Marine in the OSS Maritime Unit (the predecessor to the Navy SEALs).
  • Image 15: Underwater Demolition Team 10
  • Image 16: Maj. William Colby, who would become director of the CIA, earned a Silver Star as an OSS Jedburgh.
  • Image 17: Julia Child
  • Image 18: Nobel Physics Prize recipient Jack Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit
  • Image 19: Pulitzer Prize recipient and JFK aide Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
  • Image 20: OSS general counsel James Donovan who was portrayed by Tom Hanks in "Bridge of Spies"
  • Image 21: OSS Team DEER with Ho Chi Minh
  • Image 22: Operation Halyard, the greatest recscue mission of World War II
  • Image 23: Ralph Bunche, the first person of color to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, served in the OSS Research and Analysis Branch.
  • Image 24: Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg served in the OSS Secret Intelligence Branch.
  • Image 25: Dr. Christian Lambertsen, the father of combat swimming, served in the OSS Maritime Unit.
  • Image 26: Ted Morde, the real Indiana Jones
  • Image 27: Medal ceremony at OSS HQ on Navy Hill in Washington, D.C.
  • Image 28: OSS Maritime Unit, precursor to the Navy SEALs
  • Image 29: Member of the OSS Maritime Unit wearing the LARU

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